Rogers Getting Blackberry Torch and 9780 In White

So we just received a picture showing Rogers is now actually receiving dummy units of everyone’s favorite Blackberrys the Torch and the 9780 now in white! Any takers? Advertisements

Blackberry Torch Pricing Revealed

So we just got a quick screen grab from an internal rogers system showing an update on the status of the much anticipated blackberry torch, we already knew it was coming to Rogers on friday september 24 but this is showing that available customers for upgrades and new customers alike will be able to grab … Continue reading

Blackberry Torch Announced on Rogers, Coming Soon on Telus and Missing on Bell? (UPDATE Found it!)

So word on high has finally fallen and Rogers has given the go ahead on Blackberry’s new flagship phone letting people of Canada know that September 24th they will be able to bask in the Torch’s glory! Rogers will be offering it for $199.99 on a 3 year contract and probably somewhere around $549.99 with … Continue reading

Exclusive Hands on Preview/Review with the Blackberry Torch!! (With Video!)

After the big announcement about the coming of the new 9800 Blackberry Torch, we at eTechTour actually got to go hands on with a real test unit of it before it launches on AT&T on August 12th. While reps would not let us know when it will be launching on other networks (in Canada and … Continue reading