Rogers Makes the Galaxy S Tablet Official Again…

So Rogers employees were treated with the details of the Samsung Tablets launch again today with an internal memo showing the release details It’s still the same information but at least that means it’ll be coming soon! Advertisements

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Price Revealed

So we just got a screenshot of a rogers sales system showing that the Samsung galaxy s tablet is going to be priced at $679.99 with no contract and only a small discount to $539.99 on a3 year contract! Doesn’t sound like much of a deal for signing a contract but we’ll definitely be getting … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting Rogers Shelves as soon As Tomorrow

After hearing the Galaxy Tab would be hitting stores on November 5th we were a bit skeptical but now that we’ve got a screenshot from a Rogers store showing that the SKU’s are in the system we’re hoping this means it really will be out tomorrow! Curiously enough there are sku’s for on 1 year … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Rogers as Soon as Friday November 5th?

So we were lucky enough here at eTechTour to get to go to Rogers Q4 Launch party that took place in Toronto last night.  It was the usual fun, games, food and sillyness but we did come away with some pretty cool information. The most note able being that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab may … Continue reading

Rim Finally Unveils their Tablet – Playbook!!

RIM just 2 days ago held their own conference where CEO Mike Lazaridis finally unveiled RIM`s new tablet which thankfully did not end up being called the Black Pad afterall, more fittingly it recieved the name of the Playbook. Sporting a 7-inch screen with a very iPad looking black bezel and Android look and feel. … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Coming to Rogers!

Thanks to a tip from our friendly Rogers reps we’ve just seen proof that the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet will be coming to Rogers in the “coming months” when it is officially launched!! This is amazing news for any Canadians who are looking for an alternative to the iPad, and we’re insanely eager to see … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Announcement Coming Thursday, Verizon Employees NOW!

So now after the many announcements around the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Verizon is preparing to announce it’s coming to the world on Thursday. The boys over at Droid-Life got a tip from a Verizon employee detailing the announcement will happen this Thursday although they’re being treated to some goodies today! We’re all pretty excited for … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Teased – Full Reveal September 2nd

Finally one of the rumored Android tablets looks like it’s going to see the light of day! Samsung has just announced that they will be officially announcing their new Tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab on September 2nd, they even threw in a quick video to keep you going until then. It’s go thrills, it’s got … Continue reading

Droid 2 finally going GSM? Droid Pro?

BoyGeniusReport apparently got their hands on a leaked screenshot from a Verizon system showing the NEW Droid Pro (MOT DROID A957)? And a Droid 2 World Edition (MOTA956)? That’s amazing news for us Canadians and GSM users all over the world! Hopefully coming soon will be some new Motorola Devices that GSM users can get … Continue reading

To Tablet or not to Tablet, that is the Question?

WebOS tablet in Q1 2011?

One big question on EVERYONE’s mind ever since HP bought Palm a few months back was what is the fate of the WebOS platform? People have talked about more smartphones that will hopefully hit the market better. Other people say tablets, others printers and netbooks. Well our questions finally may be solved, at least in … Continue reading