Sony Ericsson Vivaz Shows Up At Rogers Today

Even though Rogers stores may still be waiting for the samsung galaxy s captivate they did receive some of the sony ericson vivaz today, we’ve got a few shots and we’ll give a full review of it in a couple days. As a refresher the Vivaz is Sony’s new dumb smart phone. A 3.2 mp … Continue reading

Sony Ericsson X10 2.1 Update…!… Delayed Again… Who Would Have Guessed?

Well sticking to true Sony Ericsson Style, the Sony Xperia X10 update has been pushed back once again leaving the thousands of crazed Android hungered fans waiting for a real update yet again. This time Sony is promising an “End of October launch through November”. Sony claims to need a couple more weeks for fine … Continue reading

New Viral Playstation Move Commercial Fighting a Mii

You won’t find Sony actually endorsing this commercial for the Move anywhere, but you can definitely tell it has a strong Sony Influence to it. Take the time to check it out as it’s pretty badass and definitely worth a watch and laughing at your Wii using friends.

Best Buy Begins Selling Move Early? Maybe One Near You?

So it seems that Best Buy has let yet another product slip before it’s official release date. Even though the new Playstation Move isn’t supposed to be available until September 19th, it seems some lucky people have found that Best Buy is already selling the bundle. Who’s going out creeping to Best Buy tonight to … Continue reading

Playstation 3 Blu-ray 3D Update Pushed to October

So despite what we had all been told at E3 this year Sony has pushed their Blu-ray 3D update back one month to make it now in October not September. I’m not sure how much this will really affect the masses as most people still haven’t got their hands on a 3D TV as their … Continue reading

Another Day Another Special Edition…

It seems that almost every other day we’re hearing about special editions of games being released with extra downloadable content, CD’s, DVD’s and usually action figures. Now this one takes that to an all new extreme. Activision has announced their new “Prestige” and “Hardened” editions of their upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops. Following the … Continue reading

Sony Ericsson X10 Review with Video!!

Sony Ericsson X10

After yesterday’s big announcement that Sony’s first Android powerhouse would finally be hitting US shores on August 15th, we decided to do a full review of the X10 for all of you. Hardware The Xperia X10 isn’t lacking anywhere in the hardware side of the equation. With its big 4inch capacitive touch screen, 1 GHZ … Continue reading

*UPDATED* Smarter Was Already Here, Now In The US Too!

Sony X10 US Launch

Sony has officially announce that the Sony Ericsson X10 will be finally launching in the US. After already receiving a decent reception in Canada, Sony Ericsson is hoping to expand their reach with the X10 in the US. This could do very well depending on if they can manage to get the new software update … Continue reading