Rogers Samsung Captivate Launch… Sells few phones…

Now normally, a headline like this would make you think that its just because a new phone that’s launched hasn’t been hyped, or hasn’t gotten any press time, or possibly just sucks. If you believe this to be the case today, sadly, you’d be wrong. Monday October 25th was the “official” launch of the Samsung … Continue reading

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Finally Shipping!

So we got another leaked Rogers document showing that Big Red of Canada has FINALLY received a shipment of the Captivate’s and are beginning to ship them out to the stores, this means its only a matter of days until we hold it in our hands!! Check out the picture for proof non beleivers! Also … Continue reading

Galaxy S Captivate Dummy Units Showing Up In Rogers Stores

While we wish we were able to report that we’d got our hands on a Galaxy S Captivate from Rogers, sadly we’ve only been able to hold the new Dummy Display phones for the Captivate. Local Rogers stores have already begun receiving the display packages for the Galaxy S meaning that the launch can’t be … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Finally Official

Nintendo has finally announced the official release of it’s newest hand held. It will be shipping in Japan on February 26th for about $298 USD and then will be launched in the States and Europe in March for an unreleased amount. They demonstrated some new features with this announcement that we will cover in a … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate on Rogers October 16th? + Price revealed!

Due to a quick post and removal, Rogers may have inadvertently revealed when the new Samsung Android powerhouse will be hitting retail shelves as this morning someone posted up a pre-order page for the Captivate listing it at $149.99 on a 3-year contract that has both a voice and data plan at $50/month. Apparently you … Continue reading

Rogers Has Begun Samsung Galaxy S Training

Well another Rogers tip, they have begun training on the new Samsung Galaxy S Captivate which means it should be launching sometime in the near future as we were also told they also just began Blackberry Torch training which we all know is launching on the 24th of this month. Does this mean that the … Continue reading

Motorola Milestone 2 Gets Official

After a brief unplanned released video yesterday Motorola has opened the gates and announced the Milestone 2 officially. It indeed is the GSM equivalent of the Droid 2 in every way. It has the same 1GHz Processor, 512 RAM, 5 megapixel camera (with the added 720p video recording which is a nice surprise), 8GB of … Continue reading

Rogers Announces Samsung Galaxy S Captivate “Coming Soon”

In a quick tip this morning (thanks adam) we learned that Rogers has a teaser page up announcing that they will be in fact getting the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. This should be the same model as the AT&T one that is currently out already featuring that amazing AMOLED screen which we are extremely excited … Continue reading

Rogers New Phone Releases August 23rd plus One Extra Goodie!

Word just in Rogers has just launched 4 new phones today August 23rd The Nokia 6700 The LG GT540 (the Loop) which we will have an Exclusive hands on review with by tonight  (with video!!) As well as the Samsung Corby T566 and the Blackberry 9300 Violet (pictures soon) which will be exclusive to Rogers … Continue reading

It’s Finally Official, Droid 2 Announced

So it’s taken months, seemingly hundreds of leaks and rumors but the final word has finally come down from on high. Verizon has announced that the Droid 2 is in fact real and will be shipping this Thursday August 12th for $199.99 on a 2-year contract. It seems that it’s everything we’ve seen leaked, the … Continue reading