Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Rogers as Soon as Friday November 5th?

So we were lucky enough here at eTechTour to get to go to Rogers Q4 Launch party that took place in Toronto last night.  It was the usual fun, games, food and sillyness but we did come away with some pretty cool information. The most note able being that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab may … Continue reading

Rogers Samsung Captivate Launch… Sells few phones…

Now normally, a headline like this would make you think that its just because a new phone that’s launched hasn’t been hyped, or hasn’t gotten any press time, or possibly just sucks. If you believe this to be the case today, sadly, you’d be wrong. Monday October 25th was the “official” launch of the Samsung … Continue reading

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Finally Shipping!

So we got another leaked Rogers document showing that Big Red of Canada has FINALLY received a shipment of the Captivate’s and are beginning to ship them out to the stores, this means its only a matter of days until we hold it in our hands!! Check out the picture for proof non beleivers! Also … Continue reading

Rogers Pushes Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Pre-order Date to October 24

Sad news for everyone waiting for the Android powerhouse, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate bound for Rogers soon, we’ve just spotted a change on the official rogers website showing that the preorder date which was supposed to end today has now been pushed to October 24th meaning a launch set for the 25th is not … Continue reading

Rumor: Christmas Coming Early for Developers in the Form of Gingerbread for Android Next Week?

Usually this time of year brings out all the scary stories and ghost tales and things to frighten us all, but it’s also the beginning of the gift giving season, and well if this rumor is true, a whole lot of developers will be getting a GREAT BIG present next week in the form of … Continue reading

Android Market Prices Now Show Local Currency

Gone are the days where you had to guess how much you were going to pay for an app in the Android Market because it was in some currency that you didn’t understand or were too lazy to convert to your local currency. Well no more my friends, the Android team has now updated the … Continue reading

T-Mobile G2 Finally Officially Confirmed

After slowly having each little new spec leaked over and over we pretty much knew all this information before, but it’s nice to make it all official, so finally HTC has felt fit to put the new G2 up on their website. The specs are everything we thought they would be with the official list … Continue reading

Android App of the Day – R2-D2 Droid 2 Edition Live Wallpapers

So the new R2D2 edition of the Droid 2 is quickly approaching (see September 30th) and already we’re getting leaks of more and more of the device. Today we actually got a leak of the 4 live wallpapers available on the Droid 2 now available for all your downloading pleasure!! You can install them like … Continue reading

Google Instant Search Goes Live For Some…

A lot of people may be wondering whats going on in the tech world today, one of the big announcements is the new introduction to Google Live Search that has begun to role out to signed in users on Basically what this means is that users that are logged into their google accounts and … Continue reading

Steve Jobs Pokes At Google, But Who Tells the Whole Truth?

Now we all know that competition is good for consumers because it makes large companies strive to be better and to one up each other and give lower prices and all those wonderful things, it also can lead to some pretty funny rivalries as well as we’ve recently seen with Steve Jobs presentation about the … Continue reading