Motorola Droid Pro – First Look

So Motorola has finally unveiled it’s newest to the Android line up, the Droid Pro, a very Blackberry-ish looking device aimed more at the Business crowd that’s boasting some pretty impressive specs and features. It’s said to have onboard: 1GHz OMAP 3620 with an MDM6600 chipset 512MB of memory and 2GB of onboard storage 802.11n … Continue reading

Right On Schedule Droid X 2.2 Update Begins Today

Just starting the middle of the week with that low of having 3 more days till the weekend, well if you own a Droid X then your day has just got a lot better as the official 2.2 Froyo update has begun today as originally scheduled! This update includes improved visual voicemail with Bluetooth support, … Continue reading

T-Mobile G2 Finally Officially Confirmed

After slowly having each little new spec leaked over and over we pretty much knew all this information before, but it’s nice to make it all official, so finally HTC has felt fit to put the new G2 up on their website. The specs are everything we thought they would be with the official list … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Announcement Coming Thursday, Verizon Employees NOW!

So now after the many announcements around the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Verizon is preparing to announce it’s coming to the world on Thursday. The boys over at Droid-Life got a tip from a Verizon employee detailing the announcement will happen this Thursday although they’re being treated to some goodies today! We’re all pretty excited for … Continue reading

G2 Phone Confirmed and Revealed, Not Exactly What We Hoped For

So T-Mobile has unveiled their newest Android friend that is hoping to steal a little of the green spotlight back from Big Red. The G2 the Google 1’s successor is still made by HTC and has an interesting hinge keyboard similar to the old one. T-Mobile is also claiming this is “the fastest smartphone experience … Continue reading

Motorola Milestone 2 Gets Official

After a brief unplanned released video yesterday Motorola has opened the gates and announced the Milestone 2 officially. It indeed is the GSM equivalent of the Droid 2 in every way. It has the same 1GHz Processor, 512 RAM, 5 megapixel camera (with the added 720p video recording which is a nice surprise), 8GB of … Continue reading

Motorola Will NOT Update The Leaked Droid X Software ***BEWARE***

So Motorola keeping up their firm grasp on control over their phone’s software has issued an official warning to all Droid X owners to NOT INSTALL the leaked update that’s been flying around the interwebs recently. They have made it very clear they are not upgrading that version of their 2.2 software so when the … Continue reading

Motorola Updates… Their Update Status… See Us Jump For Joy? Not Really…

So Motorola has updated their timeline again this time letting us all know that the Milestone for Canada (yay!) will be getting its 2.2 Update in Q1 of next year (boo!)… Which is MUCH later than any other phones planned for its release plus is also AFTER Gingerbread is supposed to be gracing our devices… … Continue reading

It’s Finally Official, Droid 2 Announced

So it’s taken months, seemingly hundreds of leaks and rumors but the final word has finally come down from on high. Verizon has announced that the Droid 2 is in fact real and will be shipping this Thursday August 12th for $199.99 on a 2-year contract. It seems that it’s everything we’ve seen leaked, the … Continue reading

Droid 2 Date Confirmed… Sort of?


In one of the strangest smart phone launches ever, also with one of the most leaked phones the Motorola Droid 2 (which has still not been officially announced) is apparently now set to start selling on August 12th (read 6 days away… and still not announced?) which was confirmed from a BestBuy employee. This phone … Continue reading