Rogers Samsung Captivate Launch… Sells few phones…

Now normally, a headline like this would make you think that its just because a new phone that’s launched hasn’t been hyped, or hasn’t gotten any press time, or possibly just sucks. If you believe this to be the case today, sadly, you’d be wrong. Monday October 25th was the “official” launch of the Samsung … Continue reading

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Finally Shipping!

So we got another leaked Rogers document showing that Big Red of Canada has FINALLY received a shipment of the Captivate’s and are beginning to ship them out to the stores, this means its only a matter of days until we hold it in our hands!! Check out the picture for proof non beleivers! Also … Continue reading

Rogers Pushes Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Pre-order Date to October 24

Sad news for everyone waiting for the Android powerhouse, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate bound for Rogers soon, we’ve just spotted a change on the official rogers website showing that the preorder date which was supposed to end today has now been pushed to October 24th meaning a launch set for the 25th is not … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Coming To Rogers Tomorrow?

So Rogers recently launched their pre order campaign for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S Captivate which ends today, but strangely enough there have been no official launch details announced! We were speculating tomorrow would be the launch day and with cases and screen protectors showing up in stores now (see picture just sent in … Continue reading

Leaked Rogers Document Shows Upgrades Now Only After 30 Months

A newly leaked document from Rogers internal system shows that starting today all upgrades have to be after 30 months, meaning 2 and a half years! This is definitely not good news as the Samsung Galaxy s Captivate is supposed to launch any day now! We’re just waiting to see if Bell and Telus will … Continue reading

Rumor: Christmas Coming Early for Developers in the Form of Gingerbread for Android Next Week?

Usually this time of year brings out all the scary stories and ghost tales and things to frighten us all, but it’s also the beginning of the gift giving season, and well if this rumor is true, a whole lot of developers will be getting a GREAT BIG present next week in the form of … Continue reading

Motorola Droid Pro – First Look

So Motorola has finally unveiled it’s newest to the Android line up, the Droid Pro, a very Blackberry-ish looking device aimed more at the Business crowd that’s boasting some pretty impressive specs and features. It’s said to have onboard: 1GHz OMAP 3620 with an MDM6600 chipset 512MB of memory and 2GB of onboard storage 802.11n … Continue reading

Android Market Prices Now Show Local Currency

Gone are the days where you had to guess how much you were going to pay for an app in the Android Market because it was in some currency that you didn’t understand or were too lazy to convert to your local currency. Well no more my friends, the Android team has now updated the … Continue reading

Galaxy S Captivate Dummy Units Showing Up In Rogers Stores

While we wish we were able to report that we’d got our hands on a Galaxy S Captivate from Rogers, sadly we’ve only been able to hold the new Dummy Display phones for the Captivate. Local Rogers stores have already begun receiving the display packages for the Galaxy S meaning that the launch can’t be … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Wireless Minigames Explained

So another new feature that will be hitting the new Nintendo 3DS’s are the ability to wirelessly play against anyone nearby yourself. This can both happen while playing a game, or while your 3DS is closed and just sitting idle. This is explained through a new video that’s popped up for the new Super Street … Continue reading