Star Trek’s Warp Speed’s Pictured

Just to fill our geeky-ness for the day, we thought we’d post this up as any true star trek fan should know or realize that through the ages (and with graphics continuing to get better over the years) its only natural that the Warp Speed effect would change with each new show and movie. Someone … Continue reading

iPods, iPhones and iTunes OH MY! – Apple Fall 2010 Event Recap

So Apple had their much anticipated iPod conference show today and we’ve got all the details for you wrapped up in a neat little package: iOS 4.1 Steve announced the new iOS 4.1 today offering: – bug fixes (proximity, Bluetooth) -new High Dynamic Range photos (essentially reworks white balance to get more vibrant pictures even … Continue reading

Take.FM Bringing You All The Movies You Need

We know everyone is huge into sharing movies, music and other things online and is taking that up a notch by offering Big Hollywood Movies available for Torrent downloads in a nice easy to use interface. Most Torrent sites are usually confusing at best with rudimentary search engines and pure text result pages, … Continue reading