Hands on and Unboxing of X-Mini Capsule Speaker! (With Video)

So we recently got some hands on time with the new X-Mini Capsule Speaker, and let me tell you, this little thing packs quite a punch. First of all, the unboxing (video below). It comes in a cute little package that displays the speaker rather well. It’s centered and the complete focal point and overall … Continue reading

Metal Gears Raiden In Assassins Creed Brotherhood?

Well there were rumors floating around the interweb’s that in the new Assassins Creed Brotherhood if you completed all the Virtual Training modules (and get gold I believe) that you would unlock the skin of Metal Gears newest lead man as a playable character and we’ve just confirmed it. It seems that Ubisoft stuck good … Continue reading

Rogers Makes the Galaxy S Tablet Official Again…

So Rogers employees were treated with the details of the Samsung Tablets launch again today with an internal memo showing the release details It’s still the same information but at least that means it’ll be coming soon!

Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Price Revealed

So we just got a screenshot of a rogers sales system showing that the Samsung galaxy s tablet is going to be priced at $679.99 with no contract and only a small discount to $539.99 on a3 year contract! Doesn’t sound like much of a deal for signing a contract but we’ll definitely be getting … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting Rogers Shelves as soon As Tomorrow

After hearing the Galaxy Tab would be hitting stores on November 5th we were a bit skeptical but now that we’ve got a screenshot from a Rogers store showing that the SKU’s are in the system we’re hoping this means it really will be out tomorrow! Curiously enough there are sku’s for on 1 year … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Rogers as Soon as Friday November 5th?

So we were lucky enough here at eTechTour to get to go to Rogers Q4 Launch party that took place in Toronto last night. ┬áIt was the usual fun, games, food and sillyness but we did come away with some pretty cool information. The most note able being that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab may … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Wireless Minigames Explained

So another new feature that will be hitting the new Nintendo 3DS’s are the ability to wirelessly play against anyone nearby yourself. This can both happen while playing a game, or while your 3DS is closed and just sitting idle. This is explained through a new video that’s popped up for the new Super Street … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Auto Mii Generator

One of the new features the Nintendo 3DS will be totting is the fact that it can now automatically create an awesome little Mii of yourself just by taking your picture, then after breaking out of a box you can select the one that looks most like you!! Check out the video to fully understand … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Finally Official

Nintendo has finally announced the official release of it’s newest hand held. It will be shipping in Japan on February 26th for about $298 USD and then will be launched in the States and Europe in March for an unreleased amount. They demonstrated some new features with this announcement that we will cover in a … Continue reading

Rim Finally Unveils their Tablet – Playbook!!

RIM just 2 days ago held their own conference where CEO Mike Lazaridis finally unveiled RIM`s new tablet which thankfully did not end up being called the Black Pad afterall, more fittingly it recieved the name of the Playbook. Sporting a 7-inch screen with a very iPad looking black bezel and Android look and feel. … Continue reading