Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Price Revealed

So we just got a screenshot of a rogers sales system showing that the Samsung galaxy s tablet is going to be priced at $679.99 with no contract and only a small discount to $539.99 on a3 year contract! Doesn’t sound like much of a deal for signing a contract but we’ll definitely be getting … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hitting Rogers Shelves as soon As Tomorrow

After hearing the Galaxy Tab would be hitting stores on November 5th we were a bit skeptical but now that we’ve got a screenshot from a Rogers store showing that the SKU’s are in the system we’re hoping this means it really will be out tomorrow! Curiously enough there are sku’s for on 1 year … Continue reading

Rim Finally Unveils their Tablet – Playbook!!

RIM just 2 days ago held their own conference where CEO Mike Lazaridis finally unveiled RIM`s new tablet which thankfully did not end up being called the Black Pad afterall, more fittingly it recieved the name of the Playbook. Sporting a 7-inch screen with a very iPad looking black bezel and Android look and feel. … Continue reading

Ubuntu Toying With Using Facial Recognition to Move UI Elements

Everyone’s favorite Linux developer Ubuntu has publicly announced that they are officially toying with using facial recognition to move elements on the User Interface based on where the persons face is. For instance if you move away from the computer and you receive a message it can make it go full screen so you can … Continue reading

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

Even though the whole world is going touch pad and touch mouse crazy, Logitech still finds time to stick with the hardcore Trackball. Engadget got their hands on a new unit the M570 that we have to say is looking pretty nice. The new mouse will  be shipping for $59.99 and is available right away. … Continue reading

Google Instant Search Goes Live For Some…

A lot of people may be wondering whats going on in the tech world today, one of the big announcements is the new introduction to Google Live Search that has begun to role out to signed in users on Basically what this means is that users that are logged into their google accounts and … Continue reading

The End to AMOLED Shortages?

We had all heard about Samsung’s plans for expanding and increasing their creation of AMOLED screens that they haven’t been able to keep up with demands (meaning Samsung’s the only ones using them, HTC and other companies have had to abandon hopes of using them and found other alternatives). Well Samsung just released some pretty … Continue reading

iPods, iPhones and iTunes OH MY! – Apple Fall 2010 Event Recap

So Apple had their much anticipated iPod conference show today and we’ve got all the details for you wrapped up in a neat little package: iOS 4.1 Steve announced the new iOS 4.1 today offering: – bug fixes (proximity, Bluetooth) -new High Dynamic Range photos (essentially reworks white balance to get more vibrant pictures even … Continue reading

YouTube to be Offering Pay-Per-View Movies Service?

From a new article posted in the financial times, apparently Google is in talks with major Hollywood studios about offering new big movie releases for viewing on YouTube on a pay per view basis. Prices apparently are being tossed around somewhere around $5 for new movies about the same time they are released on DVD. … Continue reading

Internet Exploder… err Explorer 9 Spotted in the Wild?

Everyone knows by this point Microsoft has its next version of IE hiding up its sleeve just waiting to be launched. Well apparently it’s finally hit a testing phase and someone has managed to grab a screenshot of it that was posted on Microsoft’s Russian site, it was pulled but the wonder of the internet … Continue reading