How Comfortable Are You Driving UNDER a Bus?

Straddling Bus Idea

Developers in China have found the perfect solution for the tedious rush hour traffic of each day. Just like the old sayings, if you can’t go around it, go OVER it! That’s right, they’ve designed a new bus that could actually let cars 2 meters or less drive below it as it passes by overtop! … Continue reading

Viper Smart Start Now Available For Android Phones!!

"Viper's Smart Start Android App"

Awesome news everyone, Viper has finally got with the times and updated their extremely popular SmartStart car alarm system to work with Android as well as iPhone’s and Blackberries. Now Android users can buy the module and install it in their existing Viper car alarm system or purchase the whole new alarm system with the … Continue reading

Toyota “Scionizing” their Canadian Locations

Ready to be Scionized?

I’ve got to say, I’m a huge Toyota Fanboy. Anyone who knows me can spot my 2004 Toyota Celica coming from a mile away with my red rims, body kit, HID’s and lots of other awesome customizations. But on my last journey down south to California a few months ago I was surprised to see … Continue reading