Android Market Prices Now Show Local Currency

Gone are the days where you had to guess how much you were going to pay for an app in the Android Market because it was in some currency that you didn’t understand or were too lazy to convert to your local currency. Well no more my friends, the Android team has now updated the … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S Now Available for Pre-Order Through Rogers!!

So looks like the leaks have finally been confirmed, Rogers has just sent out an email to people that subscribed detailing that the Galaxy S Captivate can now be pre ordered from the Rogers website for $150 on a 3 year contract!! As a special for pre ordering you get a bluetooth headset, no shipping … Continue reading

Android App of the Day – R2-D2 Droid 2 Edition Live Wallpapers

So the new R2D2 edition of the Droid 2 is quickly approaching (see September 30th) and already we’re getting leaks of more and more of the device. Today we actually got a leak of the 4 live wallpapers available on the Droid 2 now available for all your downloading pleasure!! You can install them like … Continue reading

Android App of the Day: Finally, An Android Game to Be Proud Of (Deadly Chambers)

So its not often that the android app of the day is a game especially one of this caliber. Deadly Chambers, this is probably one of the greatest android games out there to date. The developers apparently spent more than 9 months making this release and it really shows in the final product of this … Continue reading

iPods, iPhones and iTunes OH MY! – Apple Fall 2010 Event Recap

So Apple had their much anticipated iPod conference show today and we’ve got all the details for you wrapped up in a neat little package: iOS 4.1 Steve announced the new iOS 4.1 today offering: – bug fixes (proximity, Bluetooth) -new High Dynamic Range photos (essentially reworks white balance to get more vibrant pictures even … Continue reading

Android/iPhone/Blackberry App of the Day – Kik Messenger

Sorry about the tardiness of the App of the Day posts, stuff has been hectic with switching between jobs, server upgrades and talking with Sony and Motorola about things plus been testing the Viper Smart Start in my car. Anyway, we’ll try and be better with updating our App of the day, so today we … Continue reading

Android App of the Day – Real HDMI for Droid X

Now we know many of you readers made the big switch on Big Red to the new Droid X. But so far there hasn’t been any real functionality for your HDMI out port, well one awesome programmer has answered that problem with Real HDMI. Basically it lets you connect your Droid X to your TV … Continue reading

Android App of the Day – PSN & PS3 Widget Free

Today’s app is a widget for any Playstation FanBoy or Trophy wh*re. This is a free widget on the Market that allows you to simply enter your Playstation Network ID and it will generate a simple widget that shows your Playstation Levelm Number of trophies and some cool graphics to go along with it. It’s … Continue reading

Android App of the Day – Google Earth… Water Edition?

No we’re not talking today about a new way to void your warranty, this is a totally safe and fun way to explore UNDER water WITH your phone! So Google Earth has just received an update which allows you to dive deep into the oceans and see all the wonderful interesting landmasses that are under … Continue reading

Flash for Android 2.2

So here we are, nearing our 1000th view and adding our first download! To anyone who has an Android device running 2.2 now (hacked like me, or not) and are wondering what about that whole flash thing? Well the answer is here! Download this file and you can install Adobe Flash without even needing Root … Continue reading