Hands on and Unboxing of X-Mini Capsule Speaker! (With Video)

So we recently got some hands on time with the new X-Mini Capsule Speaker, and let me tell you, this little thing packs quite a punch.

First of all, the unboxing (video below). It comes in a cute little package that displays the speaker rather well. It’s centered and the complete focal point and overall looks rather appealing.

After opening the package you have the standard equipment, the manuals, the charging cable and the speaker itself.

Now the speaker is small, like really small. It measures 60mmx60mmx44mm when it’s closed, and it doesn’t get much bigger than that when you open it up. It only weighs 83gs and fits nicely in your hand.

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright red metallic look of the speaker. The X-mini prominently shows in the center of the speaker and the over build quality of it seems rather nice. It’s coated in a soft rubber that makes you think it will be able to handle a decent amount of being tossed around and rocking out.

The buttons are clearly labeled on the device and surprisingly the 3.5mm jack is really easily accessible and goes back into its little hiding spot very easily (which most don’t).

Now the fun part, just plugged in regularly the speaker sounds fine, but when you twist it it pops up on almost a spring and activates the full expanded Bass Xpansion System which sounds pretty sweet.

We played a variety of music on it and found it sounded good in most genres, and even with the sound blaring it gave a good crisp sound, the only thing we noticed was when it got really LOUD, the bass was a lot less noticeable, although you can see the thing going crazy with vibrations on the table.

That brings us to the only downside, the thing likes to move. It has little rubber feet to help it grip and not bounce around but with a fair bit of bass, the little speaker dances on the table itself, its not a huge thing but can be a little distracting if trying to forget it’s sitting there.

All in all for $35 this is a pretty awesome speaker and one that I’m sure we’re going to use for quite some time here around the office.




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